You may be wondering just who I am. So here’s a little bit of information…

I have been working as a pet nutritionist for over 15 years since graduating from Swansea University with a BSc in Zoology. I have also had a short period working as a veterinary care assistant in a busy, rabbit friendly veterinary practice. I have studied nutrition in different animal species (including humans) and in 2007 qualified as a canine myotherapist.

I have a keen interest in rabbit health and behaviour and love learning more about them (my husband would say I’m obsessed with them!). From my own experiences and nutrition knowledge I’ve written two books on rabbits on the subjects of nutrition and bonding (introducing rabbits). I also write for the RWAF magazine ‘Rabbiting On’ (under my married name Fiona Firth).

I’d have more rabbits if they were easier to introduce to each other but my current two are Dobby and Hazel (both rescues). I also share my life with Yogi the collie cross, Theo the staffy and Charlie the grumpy cat. Over the years I have competed in cani-cross and flyball with my dogs and now train and compete (not very well!) in agility with Yogi and Theo.


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