You may be wondering just who I am. So here’s a little bit of information…

  • I am an independent nutritional advisor (not affiliated with any pet food company).
  • I can offer unbiased evidence-based advice on feeding dogs, cats or rabbits. For dogs I have no bias one way or the other towards raw or dry food.
  • I am fully insured to give nutritional advice and perform canine massage.


I am highly qualified and experienced:
  • Over 18 years’ experience in the pet food industry
  • BSc Hons in Zoology
  • Qualifications in both human and animal nutrition including the certificate in Small Animal Nutrition from the European School of Postgraduate Veterinary Studies.
  • Nationally recognised training qualification; City & Guilds Education & Training Award
  • Nutritional advice changes with new research and advances in science, I keep my knowledge updated with regular CPD.


I can offer advice and information for pet owners and those working in the pet health industry:
  • Assessment of your pet’s current diet.
  • Unbiased advice on the best commercially available diet for your pet – raw, wet or dry food.
  • Feeding amounts tailored to your individual pet.
  • Feeding plans and support to help your pet lose weight.
  • Information on how to understand pet food labels.
  • Feeding puppies, kittens and young rabbits.
  • Dietary advice for senior pets, including information on supplements for joints and canine cognitive dysfunction.
  • Nutritional management of clinical conditions including heart, liver or kidney failure, pancreatitis, skin conditions, urinary tract disease, bloat (gastric dilatation volvulus) and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Nutritional management of common endocrine disorders e.g. diabetes mellitus, exocrine disorders e.g. exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.
  • Management and prevention of common dietary related conditions in rabbits e.g. dental disease, GI stasis and flystrike.
Coming in 2020
Massage therapy for your dog.
I have over 3 years training in canine massage and hydrotherapy with a diploma in canine massage from Galen Therapy and a Level 3 diploma in small animal hydrotherapy, including advanced underwater treadmill techniques. I am currently working towards a further practitioner diploma in Merishia massage therapy.
I have also completed further courses and CPD (Continuing professional Development) in:
  • Canine body language and Facial expression
  • Conditioning the canine athlete
  • Stretching workshops
  • Photo-therapy (infra-red /red light) for Animals

I also have a keen interest in rabbit health and behaviour (hence how this blog started) and love learning more about them. From my own experiences and nutrition knowledge I’ve written two books on rabbits on the subjects of nutrition and bonding (introducing rabbits) – under my married name Fiona Firth.

I’d have more rabbits if they were easier to introduce to each other but my current two are Dobby and Hazel (both rescues). I also share my life with Yogi the collie cross and Theo my staffie. Yogi currently competes in agility and Theo enjoys scentwork. Both are just starting their training in hoopers.


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